Know The Success Rate of IVF Treatment in India

The striking success rate of IVF depends on the treatment of IVF because what kind of treatment the patient is 0prefering that is also a main nuance of the successful treatment? What kind of techniques and the latest technology that fertility expert is using for its. For the ‘’IVF success rate’’ one of the major points is the advanced age of the woman. IVF is not just the resolution of infertility disorder, but in a way it I the solution of the problem of the advanced age. According to the research demonstrate that the advanced age of the woman is one of the purposes of the failed IVF or not to conceive the child because of the poor egg quality.

  The reason to have infertility

The process of IVF will work in a right direction when it is clear that the reason of the infertility is particular and according to the research this is only possible when we consider it as the first hope to conceive the child.

 The chamber of IVF

to have the treatment and the successful one all credits go to the procedure of the ICSI procedure because the half credit goes to them in the process of it and looks at the other process that makes the fertility treatment very easy, IUI,IVM,PGS,DI, GIFT,ZIFT.

 The treatment depends on the selection

Yes! On the condition of the recipient if the male is dealing with the problem of infertility so the treatment will work in a different direction and the same condition applies on the female partner as well. Even the same statement can be applied on the IVF as well.

  Ask To Doctor

Now look at the ‘’IVF success rate in India’’ of both the process, but with the different perspective the table that is given below will clear all your doubts:

IVF with Self eggs


IVF with donor eggs


Surrogacy with self eggs


Surrogacy with donor eggs


Now get the brief look to the treatment of the IVF with the most common reason of the fertility is the advanced age.

Age Below 35


Age Between 35 to 37


Age Between 38 to 39


Age Between 40 to 42


Age Between 43 to 48